My Daily Gratitude

My Daily Gratitude

I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach and share these ancient practices! I started this week off today teaching an in person class at KSFitness and it was so wonderful hearing from many students after class about how their practice is having a positive impact on their lives. I feel that it is such an incredible gift to be able to share these ancient teachings with so many of you.

I’ve experienced the transformational effects of yoga in my own life and on a regular basis I get to witness these transformations happening in the students whom I am so blessed to connect with.

Regularly, I stop myself to take note of the gratitude that I feel for these teachings and the opportunities that come my way to be able to share these practices with others.

I hope that you feel supported in your own yoga journey. If there are any road blocks standing in the way of your practice please reach out to me. I am dedicated to helping you get to your mat. After all, getting to the mat is often times the most difficult part of the journey.

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