Nature Restores

Nature Restores

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a women’s wellness weekend called Bliss B4 Laundry. Just after we finished our closing circle to cap off the weekend, I headed out to my backyard where I took this photo. The view up the centre of these cedars reminded me of the big cedar trees we used to climb at our local conservation area on school trips. I haven’t thought of those happy memories for many years but in an instant I was transported back in time.  

This weekend reminded all of us of the power of taking a pause and the value of rest at this time of year. I have no doubt that had I not taken the time this weekend to rest and care for myself, I would have walked right past those cedars and the memories they brought up in me. I think it was a combination of the self reflective practice and the chance to share space and connect with truly wonderful people, that left me feeling completely restored and rejuvenated.  It meant that I could walk slowly and appreciate all of the trees and beauty around me.

At one point during the weekend, right before I was to teach a yoga class for the participants, I was feeling a little nervous. I went to my window and looked out at the freshly fallen snow. There I spotted a single sparkle of light on this blanket of whiteness. Sparkles, for me, are a sign from nature. Whenever I see them I am reminded to stop and tune inward. Having spotted the tiny little gem of light, I took a few mindful breaths noticing the sensation of breath in my body. I smiled, recognizing the beauty of nature. It helped me to recentre and calm my nerves. Soon I started spotting more and more sparkles until the whole yard was covered in them. My theme for class that day was light so I took it as a sign that all would be well and my class was going to go just fine. And it did. 🙂

I am curious to know how nature impacts your life? Do you have your own signs from nature that serve meaning in your life? What’s your favourite memory enjoying the beauty of nature?

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