Being in Nature Inspires

Being in Nature Inspires

This was my view from my mat the past three days.  I enjoyed the last days of summer lying out in the sun on the granite shoreline of Crotch Lake.  The fall colours were just starting and the weather was absolutely brilliant.  It was the perfect spot to inspire all kinds of new and wonderful ideas.  

I have just started to develop my first yoga workshop so it was perfect timing for a creative boost.  As you can see, I have also been working on a name for my yoga business. It’s been a difficult process attempting to define what it is I am offering with my teaching. There are so many things that you can highlight in terms of what yoga has to offer us.  This weekend gave me enough space and time to reflect on all the ideas that I had been tossing around.  In the end I went with what is simple and reflects what comes from my heart. Yoga with Diana: Yoga to ease. This world is a busy place. We could all benefit from a little more ease in our day.

On the boat ride out I had time to reflect on the changing seasons, the vastness of our Canadian wilderness, and all the new wonderful memories I had of this camping trip with Scott and our wonderful friends.  I felt so much gratitude, knowing how blessed I was to have such an opportunity to feel so connected to nature.  Returning home I feel reenergized and ready to embrace this new season.  

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